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Sai Vanam is a completely developed real-estate venture, owned and developed by Sunrise Projects at Visakhapatnam. Located in proximity to NAD Kotha Road and Vizag Airport, this real-estate venture is very close to Kothavalasa Regional Railway Station.

Sunrise Projects based in Hyderabad and Bhubaneswar celebrates its 25 years of success in diverse businesses. In the two and half decades of dedicated and committed project execution, the Sunrise Group has realized complete customer satisfaction, and rose to the expectations of scores of customers and patrons. 

Sai Vanam is another jewel in the crown of Sunrise Projects. This venture aims to take the highest values and cherished ideals of its founders to the next level, and realize for each owner of plots a life-time of perfect nature’s ambience, peace, harmony and bliss.  With provision for clear titles and spot-registrations, this venture allows for complete transparency and fair land dealings.

For many who are investing in land within the VUDA limits, it has been a difficult choice to make. This is not due to lack of real-estate ventures, but due to utter need for clarity and transparency in all land dealings, and genuine addressing of the customers’ concerns. At Sunrise Projects, we address the genuine concerns of real-estate investors, and aim to realize transparent dealings for all our patrons.

Investing in Sunrise Projects’ Sai Vanam is a highly lucrative proposition, which is fetching and rewarding. You can visit our venture to know what it means for us, to sustain customer’s confidence, build trust, and gain loyalty over a long period of time.


Sri Vallabhaneni Leelaji Babu

Sri Vallabhaneni Leelaji Babu is the Founder and Managing Director, Sunrise Projects Pvt Ltd.  He is a true visionary, philanthropist and renowned business leader. He has proven experience in multiple businesses: manufacturing, infrastructure and construction projects, agricultural farms, and IT services.

Sri Vallabhaneni Leelaji Babu was chiefly instrumental in designing and developing the reputed Sunrise Projects Project at Visakhapatnam. He has persevered towards delivering value-driven real-estate ventures with quality, dedication and professionalism. With his wide network of friends, associates, clients and professional contacts, Vallabhaneni brings “can do” attitude to the Sunrise Group.

Sri Srinivasra Polavarapu

Sri Srinivasra Polavarapu is the Managing Partner at Sunrise Projects. He has developed real-estate projects in Andhra Pradesh and Orissa.  He is a renowned entrepreneur and builder. Sri Srinivasra Polavarapu endeared himself to his clients/customers by offering quality and affordable constructions. 

Each real-estate project launched and developed by Sri Srinivasra Polavarapu reflects on his knowledge and experience in the industry. He is known for his sincerity at work, on-time delivery of ventures, and inordinate ability to sustain customers’ satisfaction.

Sri Srinivasra Polavarapu brings to Sunrise Projects his experience and expertise in developing large and successful real-estate ventures. He believes in delivering real-estate ventures of high quality. Real-estate ventures with which he is associated mean to convey fairness, quality and sustainability.


Sunrise Group follows a value system that is part of India’s rich culture and tradition. Our value system is evident in all our client, vendor dealings, and business operations. Our value system helps us to achieve complete customer satisfaction, and live up to the commitments we have made to each customer.

Fairness: Sunrise Group distinguishes itself from the rest by maintaining fairness in all business dealings. It is only for our fair business practices that our partners, patrons, investors and customers continue to associate with us. Importantly, we deliver what we promise and fulfil our commitments to our customers.

Integrity: Integrity at Sunrise Group includes honesty in client dealings, truthfulness in business conduct, and transparency in all business agreements and financial transactions.

Trust & confidence: We have sustained customer’s trust and confidence by developing quality projects.  By good will, good relations, and responsive teamwork we have won the trust and confidence of our customers and patrons.

Professionalism: At Sunrise Group, all things are done professionally. Plots at our real-estate ventures are allocated on the basis of first-come, first-served basis. The development of each venture of Sunrise Group includes arrangement of high quality roads, drainage, power and water supply. Over decades, our high level of professionalism has won us scores of clients/customers.


Sunrise Projects designs and develops high-quality environmentally sustainable real estate projects. Sai Vanam is Sunrise Projects’ premium real-estate venture with high quality facilities that include quality BT Roads, electricity and drainage system.

The quality of life at Sai Vanam project is enhanced by beautiful landscapes, and avenue plantations. The high quality of Sunrise Projects’ Sai Vanam is evident as,

  • Adherence to national and global quality standards in design, layout and facilities
  • Deploying the expert and experienced project personnel like engineers, architects, and latest land development machinery
  • Taking the guidance and suggestions of renowned real-estate consultants for meticulous project execution
  • Achieving complete customer satisfaction by providing for strong customization
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